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Suffice to say that is your go to cash and carry store for all your kitchen supplies, when we say all – we mean a complete store that stocks everything from cooking wine to condiments. Imported, domestic, seasonal, non-seasonal and toothpicks. In fact, we are probably the only online cash and carry store that carries tooth picks.  

We say that because we are not a generic store that is trying to do everything. We are a specialized operation that has a history of half a century of operations. Our relations with our suppliers and vendors span generations at times. We understand the business of kitchen like no one else does, and we sail in the same ocean of inconsistent pricing, variance in availability and undependable product quality.

For any business, and in our case a kitchen, to succeed the inputs must be as consistent as feasibly possible. And we deal with the most inconsistent input in a kitchen – the mighty ingredient. A case in point is mushroom – the same mushroom would come in different shapes, different prices, different quality at different time of the year. But your customer would demand same taste and overall consistency when his or her dish is served.

The power of a successful kitchen lies in its consistency and to ensure that you need to be consistent with kitchen supplies. ensures consistency at all fronts. Top of the line products at click of a button, shorter delivery time and steady supply of various brands and their respective products.

We, at, aim not only to be your prime supplier for kitchen needs and requirements, but a dependable and reliable partner in making your kitchen a profitable endeavor.

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