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One Vendor to Supply you all,
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Eazysupplies.com is India’s foremost online cash and carry store for foodservice professionals. With over fifty years of experience in food supply industry, we have come to understand the pains and perils of foodservice industry. We know what affects profitability and how our endeavors can help overcome a major mitigating factor that affects profitability in a Hotel / Restaurant / Catering / Café set up – The Ingredient.

To maintain quality, to improve quality and to ensure quality – a chef relies upon ingredient that is not only consistent in cost and availability, but more importantly consistent in quality.

Quality ensures repeated customers. Cost ensures repeated profits. EazySupplies.Com ensures both.

From sugar to spice, and everything nice

We have relations with every major brand serving in India. It does not matter if you want sea-salt or sugar cubes; we would deliver it to you at below-market prices. If you want assurance of availability during high season and quality during low season, look no further than EazySupplies.com.

Eazysupplies.com is always ready to help you complete your food menu, grow your business and improve profit margins. We are your one stop shop to order from among thousands of food products from your preferred brands.

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